Why Did I Choose My First Planner?

There are so many different planners/organisers on the market that for anyone who is new to planning it can be very daunting trying to work out which planner will best meet your needs… do you want a MAMBI Happy Planner, an Erin Condren, perhaps a Carpe Diem or a Dokibook, or even one from Paperchase? Then of course you need to decide what size of planner you would like and once you narrow down the size and brand you would like then there is the question of colour and design? It really is a mine field!!

When I first decided that I needed a planner to help me to remember tasks, organise my personal life and business and keep a note of my health conditions as it progresses, flares or eases, the Happy Planner was the main one that I’d heard about.

I started to look into the Me And My Big Ideas Happy Planner… the designs, the layout, the prices and of course whether I thought the internal layout would be right for what I needed?


After lots of looking around, thinking about the layout and having since used the Happy Planner, I decided that it’s the ideal layout for me as I have plenty of space to track my health, work life and personal life. It has a vertical layout and each day is split into morning, afternoon and evening.

Each year the Happy Planner is an eighteen month set up which runs from July until the following December, so when I was looking to buy my first planner in March I didn’t want to spend a fortune as I knew that it would only be a couple of months until the new designs came out. I could have waited until July for the new planners to launch but I decided to look on Ebay and managed to pick one up really cheaply which gave me a couple of months trial to make sure it was right for me, practice my layouts and how I was using it, so my bargain Ebay Happy Planner was the 2015-2016 Life Is Beauty Full design:


During the first few weeks of having my Happy Planner I don’t feel like I fully utilised it how I should have been, but when I started using weekly layout kits, mood and pain trackers for my health and adding more personal things into each week I really fell in love with it.

As soon as the British online shops released their 2015-2016 range of Happy Planners there was no doubt in my mind that I would be buying one, but the big decision was which one as there are so many pretty designs, in the end I opted for the black and white Make Every Day Count design.


One thing I love about the MAMBI Happy Planner is all of the accessories which are available for it, I was able to change the binding discs for the larger size, add in notepaper (one less notebook on my desk in theory) and add pocket folders for all of our important paperwork, as well as a project life-style photo folder at the front where I have a couple of journal cards as well as photos of loved ones. There are so many fab add-ons which I’m sure I may add in time but at the moment I definitely have planner peace with my 2016-2017 planner set up.

Like many of the other planners on the market, there are so many options for personalising the insides once you get it, one of the most common ways is using stickers and there are lots of sellers on Etsy who sell weekly layout sets, I have to admit that I use these most weeks as I also find it helps as a creative outlet as well.

Planner Layouts 03072016 - Blogged (1)

If you are new to the world of planners and looking to purchase your first one, then I would definitely recommend that you sit down and have a think about what you want to use it for? Are you going to carry it around in your handbag or leave it in your desk at home? If it’s in your bag size might be important and you might decide you would prefer something smaller, as my Happy Planner is my office-based planner then it’s size and weight (it’s slightly bigger than A5) isn’t an issue for me but if I were to be carrying it in my bag when I was out and about then I think it would be a bit too chunky.

If possible then it may be a good idea to visit some of the stores which stock planners eg. WHSmith, Kikki K, Paperchase to have a proper look ‘in the flesh’ before deciding as you may have in mind the size of planner you would like but when you actually see it then it may not be suitable.

I would also recommend shopping around before buying… there are so many websites nowadays selling planners that is definitely pays to shop around, also ask around on the various Facebook planner groups – you never know, someone may be looking to sell exactly the planner you’re looking for, there are also dedicated Facebook groups for planner sales too so don’t be tempted to rush into making your decision but do be prepared for the start of a new addiction – there are very few people in the Planner Community who have managed to stay with just one planner!! I have eight planners and they all have their own uses, but that’s another post lol.

xxx Love Laura xxx


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