Washi Wednesday – Do I Have An Obsession?

Since I joined the planner community a few months ago I have started using washi tape in a lot of my projects – my collection has grown vastly in quite a short space of time.

The good thing about washi tape is that it is a very affordable accessory and it comes in so many different designs and widths, nowadays there are so many shops who stock washi tape that it’s very rare you’ll find the same one twice on the high street so a day out shopping nearly always results in buying a few rolls lol.

Some people who know me well have told me that they think I have a Washi Tape Addiction but I’m not so sure, what do you think? 😂 😂 😂 😂


My washi collection currently lives in four Websters Pages personal sized planner boxes, although I do have a few rolls which are stashed in other places as these boxes are full *oops*





Do you like to use washi tape?  Do you collect way more than you will ever manage to get through?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this – I reckon that there are far worse things in life than a washi addiction and I will use it all one day!! 😉

xxx Laura xxx


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