Thursday 11.08.2016 – A Little Update

Good morning all,

This morning I wanted to do a little update for you all to explain why my blog has been quite quiet over the past couple of days.

My Dad arrived unannounced for a visit on the evening of 1st August 2016, five days earlier than expected so instead of one week Daddy-Daughter time, we have had ten days which I absolutely love… it was an awesome surprise and as Dan was working away that week and my anxiety was very high, Dad’s arrival was perfect timing.

We have had a few days out while Dad has been here and the rest of the time we have been at my workplace, Dad doing a bit of model building while I have been working on Cards And Candles For All Occasions orders for our wonderful customers.

As you can imagine during Dad’s visit the last thing I have wanted to do was close myself away to do any art journalling or extensive planning, we live 250 miles apart so any visits we have together (either us to stay with Dad in East Kilbride or him to stay with us in Nrwcastle Under Lyme) are very special and important to me… I want us to spend as much quality time together as possible. Today is the last day of Dad’s visit and unfortunately that is being spent with a mechanic visiting my workplace to do some work on Dads van so I don’t think we will be getting out much today but we will have to wait and see.

As I have been up since just after 3am, I decided to do a little work on my blog and update you all with some of my news… first of all I decided that any good blog needs a logo, so I set about designing one. As anyone who knows me will know, I love bright colours, rainbows and anything unicorn related, oh and my favourite colour is purple so here is what I have come up with:


I am in no way a graphic designer so for the logo design I have come up with I really like it, I don’t think it’s too bad for someone who was just having a play around on the pc to see what I could do. What do you think? Does it look ok?

Next I have some big news… as some of you may be aware there are quite a few planner related shops and businesses who have recently been looking for Brand Representatives and Product Testers, as the aim of this blog and my Facebook page is to share my planner spreads and art journal pages, alongside helping other small businesses to promote their products I decided to apply to a few of these small businesses.

The fantastic news is that I have been accepted by not one, but two of these fabulous businesses to be Brand Representatives and help to share the word of their amazing products!!!

Cariad Craftz

The first business who I was in discussions with to help promote their brand and test new products where needed is Cariad Craftz who is relatively new to this area of the market but already has some beautiful planner clips and planner sticker designs, both decorative and functional.

As someone who suffers with Fibromyalgia, I absolutely love Sian-Claire’s new functional stickers, particularly the Spoonie Meter and Sleep Tracker.

Cariad Craftz also has some beautiful weekly themed layout sets for planners, one of the first being a stunning Galaxy, Out Of This World design which I am sure many of you will love as much as I do – I can’t wait to get my hands on this beauty and start a layout in my Happy Planner. There is also a range of planner clips and personal planner dashboards available too 😃

Over the coming weeks I will be showcasing a range of Cariad Craftz products, both as they arrive and as I use them in my planners but in the meantime if you would like to see for yourself why I am so excited about this new planner supply business, then please pop over and check out their shop on Etsy. This is a UK based shop with excellent prices and quality for money… I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!!

I am really looking forward to working with this wonderful business and seeing where this journey takes us both.

Charlies Magpie

I was also contacted this week by Kathleen at Charlie’s Magpie to let me know that my application to become a Brand Rep of her company was successful. Charlie’s Magpie is another wonderful planner supply shop whom I look forward to working with, they have such a wonderful range of planner charms, planner clips and even a fantastic Planner Girl Mug which I can’t wait to try out.

There are so many wonderful products on Charlie’s Magpie’s shop that it is incredibly difficult to choose a favourite as the range is constantly expanding, but I have to admit that I am drooling over the latest Halloween theme planner clips which have just been added to their Etsy store.

Over the coming weeks I will be showcasing a range of products from Charlie’s Magpie both as they arrive and in use, but if you would like to visit their UK based Etsy store for lots of beautiful products and fabulous proves then please click >HERE< or pop over to Facebook and join the fab and friendly Charlies Magpie Planner Group where you will find lots of other planner addicts and like-minded friends.

I cannot wait to start working with the wonder Charlie’s Magpies Brand Rep Team and hope you will join us all on this wonderful journey together.


Thank you for reading and supporting my planner and art journalling journey.

xxx Love Laura xxx


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