Cariad Craftz – First Brand Rep Review Box

You may have seen last week that I announced I had been accepted as a Brand Representative for Cariad Craftz on Etsy.

Well I have now received my first box of goodies to be photographed, use in my planners and give honest reviews on feedback. I will be taking better quality photos as the items are used in my planners but for tonight I thought I would share with you the items which I have been sent.

The first set (and one I’m desperate to use) is the Galaxy “Out Of This World” Planner Layout Set with matching personal size dashboard.

My first reaction to this set was “WOW” – I absolutely love the design and the colours, they are just so ‘me’ and I can’t wait to use these in both my Happy Planner and my Websters Pages personal planner. I absolutely love the fact that each weekly kit from Cariad Craftz has the option of matching pain tracker stickers as this is something very important in my planner for tracking my Fibromyalgia.


Next is a gorgeous ice-cream layout again with matching pain trackers. This set is not yet released in the store:


I also received a selection of beautiful planner dashboards, one of which is very special to me, in a monochrome Chihuahua design:


As someone who suffers a lot with depression and anxiety issues, I really feel that the mood tracker stickers will be hugely beneficial to me and I can see me using these a lot – they are so cute too and even the negative emotion stickers will not be intrusive in a layout.


Cariad Craftz also included a selection of general and Christmas theme stickers which I also look forward to using.



Lastly, is a selection of beautiful coloured and patterned planner bow clips in various sizes which I can’t wait to add to my planners – the mini bows are just so cute!!





I will be blogging about using these items in my planners over the next few weeks along with any pro’s and cons I have found, at the moment the worst thing that I can see is there are too many gorgeous goodies to choose from!!!!

Please pop over and visit Cariad Craftz on Etsy and show your support to this small business!!

Thanks for reading and big thanks to Sian-Claire for allowing me to join her brand and help promote her fantastic planner supplies.

xxx Love Laura xxx


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