First Product Review of Cariad Craftz

*** As Brand Representative for Cariad Craftz I was sent the items discussed in this blog post for testing and review. No money exchanged hands for this review or products. This in no way gives a biased opinion and I aim to be 100% honest with all of my online reviews ***

Cariad Craftz

Yesterday morning I set about using one of my sets of Cariad Craftz planner layout sets.  For my first Cariad Craftz layout I went with the Galaxy “Out Of This World” Planner Layout Set.

As there is such a variety in sizing in this layout I wasn’t sure whether I was going to create a layout in my Websters Pages personal planner or my Happy Planner, although I have only previously ever used stickers in my Happy Planner.

As I currently use the matching mood tracker and pain tracker stickers from The Geeky Planner, I decided to use my Galaxy layout in my personal planner as this layout comes with the option of co-ordinating pain tracker stickers.

I currently use a layout which is a week on two pages in my personal planner as with it being my ‘on the go’ and personal notes planner, I like to have plenty of writing space (I think that’s one of the reasons I don’t normally use stickers in my personal planner), so with the Cariad Craftz Pain Tracker stickers measuring 2.5cm by 3.6cm I wasn’t sure how much space I would be left with but I decided to give it a go to see how I get on with it this week.

Next are the to-do list flags which again I was unsure about because of their size – they measure 3.8cm by 1.3cm which is the full height of my daily section in my personal planner.

I added one of the “Don’t Forget” stickers to my weekly notes section, these measure 1.2cm by – this week my medication is being altered so this was an ideal place to add notes about how I am adjusting to coming off of my previous prescribed medication.


In all honesty, I feel like this range of stickers needs to be smaller if I were to continue using them in my personal planner… I like to have plenty of space for writing about my day, appointments, how my health is and general notes to remember and with the current sizes of these stickers, I personally don’t feel like they allow enough space for me.

Also in my personal planner this week I am using the Mood Tracker Stickers from Cariad Craftz and I have to say I love these – the sizing is perfect for my personal planner, the illustration and feelings are definitely those which I would use and I can see me being a regular user of these stickers in my personal planner.

One negative comment about these is that there are quite a few of the emoji stickers which have not cut properly and have ripped when I tried to remove them from the sheet which I found really disappointing.


You can see in this photo that I am using two different size and styles of planner clips from Cariad Crafts – the sizes of these are perfect for my personal planner and the quality is great too 🙂


Lastly for this week in my personal planner is my Galaxy “Out Of This World” Planner Dashboard which is great – the design and colours are so *me* and the quality is good too. The only criticism I would have with this is that if it were printed on slightly thicker paper if would allow for the dashboard/divider to be sturdier, but overall I’m really happy with it – the sizing is perfect for my Websters Pages personal planner and the holes are punched in exactly the right place!

So after I finished my weekly decorating in my personal planner, I still had lots of this layout left over so I decided to flip forward to week commencing 5th September 2016 (it was my first blank week) in my Happy Planner and see how Cariad Craftz weekly layout stickers work in the Happy Planner.

As I mentioned above, I already use Mood Tracker and Pain Tracker stickers from the Geeky Planner in my Happy Planner so you can see these across the top section of each day, together with my ‘Plan The Week’ sticker on Saturday in my layout. The today, to do, little things and weekend stickers are from Dream Big and Plan on Etsy.

The small flags work great for me as they measure 1.1cm by 1.5cm which is great for making notes about what I need to do throughout the day while leaving plenty of writing space within the printed box of the planner.

While I love the notes and list stickers, I don’t feel like they fit the Happy Planner very well measuring in at 3.7cm x 4.2cm – they could each do with being about 1cm longer and the same width.

The title stickers (To Do, Remember and Don’t Forget) are in my opinion too big for either of my planners. To use these in the notes column of my Happy Planner I had to trim down the length and to use them throughout the week it means using them across two days which you can see on Sunday.

With regards to the decorative boxes, I do not feel like the sizes are consistent – it very much felt like they were there in a range of sizes in the hope that one would be suitable and that is only my honest opinion, not at all intended to be negative or hurtful.


At the moment I could not see myself purchasing this set as I mainly decorate my Happy Planner and until the sizes are more uniform I feel like I would loose the use of a lot of the set.

A few points I would like to make which I feel would benefit Cariad Craftz greatly are to do with the listings on their Etsy shop:

* Description on size of each sticker

* Uniformity of sizes

* Offer size options for different planners
(eg. full sets in either Happy Planner and personal planner sizes)

* Offer choice of either matt or gloss label paper

* Photos of individual sticker sheets

* Photos of stickers in different planners

Overall, I think that Cariad Craftz is doing really well for a new business and her ideas are fab, but like any new business there are some tweaks which need to be made in order for the product to be the best it can be.

Cariad’s designs are gorgeous, I love the vibrancy of the galaxy theme and having the header boxes is something I find very important in a weekly layout.

The optional extras to the weekly kits (eg. pain tracker and dashboard) are a great idea and will be appreciated by so many people, myself included.

It’s also really nice to see someone who is offering a range of sizes in the decorative planner clips as so many of mine are used solely for photographs as they are just too big for my functional every day planners, the rest of the time they are either on the inside covers of my Websters planners or inside my Websters folio so to have some that are just the right size for every day use is fab!!!

I can’t wait to work with Sian-Claire to develop the brand of Cariad Craftz and continue to bring new and exciting products to the planner world.

You can find the shops I have mentioned in this post on Etsy, they are:

Cariad Craftz

The Geeky Planner

Dream Big And Plan

Thank you for reading my blog and for your continued support, I hope you will join me in supporting Sian-Claire on her journey with Cariad Craftz.

xxx Love Laura xxx


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