Planner Girl

Thank you so much to my bestie Kelly for my gift, I’m just so sorry you had such an awful time with the person you ordered from. It was definitely the ‘pick me up’ that I needed!! Thank you chick ❤ xxx

My Planner and Crafting Journey

Hi planner addicts, so today’s post is as you have seen above Planner Girl now I bet you are all wondering what I am going to either say or show you here……..

Well…. here goes. A couple of weeks a go I had seen a really cool Planner Girl mug unfortunately the maker was in the USA and didn’t ship to the UK 😦 so I was gutted and ended up going on a hunt on Facebook to see if someone could do similar for me and one as a gift for my best friend Laura.

I come across Angelic Glittery Gifts and so I messaged to see if it was possible but did mention who the original person was who did what I was looking for and if she could do similar… She said YES!! So we exchanged details of what I wanted and the colours and the order…

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