Washi Wednesday – 24.08.2016

I have been looking for ways of carrying my washi along with my planner and other supplies when I’m on the go, mainly if we go away for a few days and I was recently sent some washi tape samples which had been wrapped around a gift card… and it gave me an idea!!

Why not use a business card holder for “washi tape on the go” – it makes perfect sense.

So I wandered off to Ebay and spent quite a while looking into the different options which are available, from small card holders which hold around six business/credit cards to A4 folders which hold thousands of cards.

Then I found this one for only £1.99 with free postage, it holds 120 business cards and arrived within a couple of days.

Granted the quality isn’t the best, but then it was very cheap and is more than adequate for what I need – I have now added so many washi tape samples that it is more than half full and is still very sturdy and secure.

Business Card Holder from Ebay

Next I began looking at different options for wrapping my washi tape samples around to store inside my new folder, when I came across these plain identity cards which were £3.99 for a pack of twenty five, again with free postage and they also arrived within a few days.

The blank identity cards are very good quality plastic, the advert states that they are made from 760 micron pvc so they are very sturdy and will be excellent for re-using when the washi tape sample is finished.

Blank ID cards from Ebay

I wasted no time in setting up my new “washi on the go” storage and am really happy with how it has all come together – I have averaged between three and five washi samples per card, depending on the width of the tape and have already used all of my blank identity cards and resorted to adding in some used gift cards 🙂

Here is how my new storage has all come together:


I finally feel like I’m getting my planning supplies organised for when I’m out and about, on holiday or away visiting family. I have enough washi tapes samples to cover every eventuality in my business card folder.

My pens, planner stencil, portable Filofax punch, etc are in my Websters Pages Color Crush CraftMate Folio, then I have three A5 plastic folders where I store stickers which I may want to use while I’m out of the office. Alongside a small mint tin which holds individual stickers and those which I’m running low on.


I have a handbag insert which I use for keeping my every day, on the go planner supplies in and they all fit perfectly so it’s easy to just ‘grab and run’…




I hope that this post gives you some ideas for on the go planner supply storage 🙂

xxx Love Laura xxx


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