Happy Mail – Paper Pen And Plan

I recently placed an order through a buy in organised through Paper Pen And Plan on Facebook.

My order arrived last week and I love it… the stationery I ordered was so well priced and is such great quality too!!

I ordered a set of twelve coloured fine point gel pens – the body of each pen matches the ink colour. The ink is lovely and vibrant and they write so beautifully.



I also ordered five different colours of the Crystal ball point pen to co-ordinate with my personal planners. I have the brown on in my Walnut Websters personal planner, blue in my Sky Blue Websters personal planner and silver in my Paperchase personal planner with the pink and another blue spare.

As much as these pens write lovely, I definitely prefer writing with fine line gel pens – I did already know this but they just look so pretty in my planners πŸ˜‚




I have my favourite mugs on my desk with my the Pinocchio mug full of my favourite pens and my personalised mug has all of my every day ‘don’t mind anyone borrowing them’ pens… yes people I have a problem!!! lol.

πŸ˜‚ My name is Laura and I am a stationery addict!!! πŸ˜‚


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