Happy 2017 To All My Lovelies


Good afternoon all, how is everyone?

Did you all have a good Christmas, festive holiday and New Year?

I would like to start by apologising for my recent absence from the blog – the lead up to Christmas was particularly busy for our business Cards And Candles For All Occasions so I didn’t really have much time for any of the fun journaling, planner or scrapbooking stuff.

Then we spent ten days away with family over Christmas, my Birthday and New Year which was fantastic – lots of R’n’R at Dads house, catching up with friends and family and having time out from our busy lives.

I was full of great intentions for the past ten days before we re-open our business – lots of blog posts that I wanted to write, some art journal techniques to try out and lots of photographs to scrapbook but I was struck down with the winter blues.


Unfortunately, the worst time of year with Fibromyalgia is Winter as the cold and damp really affects my pain levels and to top it off I have had the annoying cold and dry, irritable throat so today although I feel much better I’m doing a great impression of Mrs Sneezy πŸ˜…

But enough of the negativity…


It’s a fresh new year, a chance to kick start some new ideas and move onwards and upwards and with that in mind I have lots of ideas to look into for throughout 2017 which I will be sharing with you soon, which will include:

* Brand Representative Postings

* Word Of The Year

* Scrapbook Layouts

* Planner Product Reviews

* Craft Product Reviews

* Planner Shares

and lots, lots more… keep your eyes peeled!! πŸ‘€

Well, I’d better crack on with getting something done as I’ve already lost half of the day but I hope you will continue to join me on my Planner, Journal and Scrapbooking journey.

xxx Love Laura xxx


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