It Has Been A Scrapperific Week!!

Since I got back into a much loved hobby of scrapbooking in October 2016, I have been going through boxes and boxes of family photos and pulling out the ones which I’d like to document.

There are so many incredible papercrafters on YouTube, many of the ones I watch share a passion for scrapbooking and mixed media so I can lose hours watching their videos.

When Zoe Guest announced that she was going to be doing a Live Scrap Stream on YouTube I was adamant that I would be logging on and scrapping along… Zoe’s live scrap stream happened on Friday 3rd February 2017 and I was organised with scrapbooking supplies, photographs and energy drinks to craft along.

I had a really productive weekend and between Friday evening and Sunday I completed EIGHT twelve by twelve scrapbook layouts, which are here:









I’d love to hear your thoughts on how these layouts have come together – I can’t wait to work on documenting more of our family memories.

xxx Love Laura xxx


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