A New Adventure Awaits… Exciting Announcement #UKScrapAddicts


I have an exciting announcement today, something which I cannot wait to be a contributing member of and see it grow as our Creative Team work together, helping and supporting each other as well as our members and followers!!

**drum roll please**

I am a member of a brand new Creative Team over at #UKScrapAddicts – we are a team of UK based scrapbookers who have an exciting plan to build the UK scrap industry, encourage people to take up this wonderful hobby and help UK scrapbooking enthusiasts be seen around the globe, as well as sharing a wealth of information through social media platforms and our blog ❤

#UKScrapAddicts launches today (1st March 2017) why not pop over to our blog and

>> JOIN US <<

You will find @UKScrapAddicts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and over on the blog where you are welcome to ask us questions, share tips and advice, tell us about any scrapbook events in your area and generally join us in this wonderful new adventure where we hope you will interact and help us to grow!!


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