Glitterdori by Charlie’s Magpie

Charlies Magpie

As you will be aware, I am a Brand Representative for Charlie’s Magpie which means not only do we get to hear about all of the newest products first, but we also get a special code to share with our followers, how awesome and generous is this?

I am absolutely in love with the new Glitterdori range which were recently released by Charlie’s Magpie and looking in the Etsy shop today, I have fallen in love with this gorgeous peacock colour


This particular Glitterdori is available >here< on Etsy and can be ordered in either passport or personal size.

The gorgeous Glitterdori’s are available in a range of colours and there are on occasions ‘exclusive’ colours which are limited in stock.

If you would like to be the proud owner of one of these beautiful travelers notebook Glitterdori’s then why not pop over to the Charlie’s Magpie Etsy store and use my exclusive discount which is “CMLAURA10” and you will get 10% off any orders over £5.


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