Scrapping Special Memories

Since I restarted my scrapbooking journey I have been going through almost forty years of family memories, including my Mum and Dad’s wedding and deciding which events to create a scrapbook layout for.

There are so many special memories and special people in the photographs from my Mum and Dad’s wedding that I have decided to create multiple layouts for this, however I really struggled to find a scrapbooking kit which had suitable colours – remember this was a June 1979 wedding so the colours are not necessarily on trend with what a lot of people are using today.

It took me a couple of months to gather various scrapbookpapers, embellishments, thickers, etc to create my own kit but I’m really happy with how it turned out and I hope you like the layouts too.

The first layout is “Father Of The Bride” showing my Mum and Grandpa entering the church:



The second layout is “Just Married” with Mum and Dad walking down the aisle to leave the church after their wedding ceremony, on this layout I used a faux stitching technique around the edge of the page for the first time:



My third layout is “Special Moments” which again shows Mum and Dad leaving the church:



The fourth layout in this album is “Mr & Mrs” which shows Mum and Dad just after they have got out of their wedding car:



The last update which I have done for this album so far is a photograph of Mum and Dad’s first dance which I have titled “Dance With Me”:



I really like how these layouts have come together and have really enjoyed working on these special memories from Mum and Dad’s wedding, which was the year before I was born.

I would love to hear your feedback on these layouts.

xxx Love Laura xxx



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