Challenge Issued – Scrap Yourself


A friend and I were recently been having a chat about photos of ourselves and how so many people hate having their photographs taken.

I have always hated having my photograph taken, but since my Mum passed away and I realised how few photos we have of her I’m trying to be more aware of getting photos of everyone as sometimes memories are all we are left with.

I lost my Mum in 2007 when she was 50 (three months before her 51st birthday) and it makes me really sad just how few photos there are of her as she always hated her photographs – she said she was overweight and hated her appearance so didn’t want any photos taken of her. It makes me so sad that she felt like that as photographs are so important.

Now I am far more aware of the importance of documenting our memories, the everyday and generally just being included when there is a camera around. We never know when ourselves or a loved one will not have ‘tomorrow’ and photographs and memories are all that those around us will be left with.

So my mission challenge to you all is to become more involved in photographs whether it be:

* Random selfies
* Photographs of you out and about on your own
* Photographs of you at home or out with your family
* Snapshots of you relaxing with your pet

ANYTHING you want, but take those photographs and preserve those memories, even share those slapdash shots with your friends and family.

JUST BE IN THOSE PHOTOGRAPHS!! Include yourself in your scrapbooking… document yourself, things you like, places you love, even things like a favourite book or film.

Go for it!! And please share with us your scrappy layouts about YOU!!!

Why not share this challenge with your scrappy friends too… and for those friends who are not scrappy or crafty, explain to them how important photographs are too!!

Most of all… take those piccies and have fun!!!


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