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Scrapbooking Fail – 12×12 Layout

Have you ever spent all day working on a 12×12 scrapbook layout, really happy with how it was all coming together, happy with the end result, then only to realise when you looked at it a couple of hours later that you’d made a really silly scrapbook fail?

This layout was my first completed scrapbook fail… I was so happy with how it all came together, happy with the colours and patterned papers, loved the overall look. Then a couple of hours later I turned my chair around to look at it on the shelf behind me and *boom* my mistake jumped right out at me.

Since I got back into scrapbooking I have been trying to go back to my baby and childhood years to scrap all of my precious personal and family memories so when I found this photograph of me as a little toddler with my huge teddy I knew that I wanted to scrap it. I loved this teddy when I was little, although I have no idea what happened to it.

Bearing in mind that this photograph is from the early 1980’s I did not want to use bright, vibrant, modern design in this layout so I spent ages going through my huge stash of patterned papers selecting the ones which I thought would work best… the ones that I really like.

I decided that I was going to do this layout in a grid formation, so took my nine pattern papers and cut them into 2.75inch squares, selected the order I wanted them to show in and adhered them to my sheet of 12x12inch white cardstock using my ATG… all was going well and I really liked how it was looking.

Next I trimmed my photograph to size and mounted it on fun foam before adhering it to the centre square in the grid, then chose my embellishments and title and glued everything in place.

I really loved how this layout had came together and how the patterned papers worked with each other. I was happy with this layout.

I was finished. So I put my completed layout on the shelf behind me and set about doing some more crafting and work. All was fine.

But then a couple of hours later I returned to my layout to take photographs to share with you all and that’s when it hit me…


Have you noticed where I have gone wrong?

Somehow between adhering my patterned papers in grid formation and then starting to glue down my photograph, title and embellishments I had managed to turn my page ninety degrees without realising 😦

That wouldn’t be such a big problem had it not been for the fact that two of the pattern papers have heart designs on them, so I now have sideways hearts in two places.

The next question is… what am I going to do about this epic fail? I did think about trying to take the photograph back off and starting again as I really was gutted, but then I thought about it and laughed as I have always been really accident prone!

I was just a little one in this photo, probably more accident prone and inaccurate than ever so I decided that having a ‘wrong’ layout about me is probably quite fitting so it has gone in my album as it is and I have to say that each time I see it, it really makes me smile.

So my advice to you would be that the next time you have a scrapbooking fail, don’t make any hasty decisions, stop and think whether it really is as bad as you first thought or whether you can make that mistake a feature of the layout… once I thought about it, I realised that it isn’t all that bad and as a child my crafting never was perfect so this is probably a pretty good representation of that.

Take advantage of your mistakes, make them a ‘thing’ in your layout or just cover them up. There is always a way of making your errors work for you 🙂

What has been your biggest scrapbooking fail? What did you do about it? I would love to hear about it and how you dealt with it.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be sharing more of my work soon.

xxx Love Laura xxx

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Surprise Goodies from Charlie’s Magpie

My most recent happy mail came from the lovely Kathleen at Charlie’s Magpie… such a lovely surprise and lots of gorgeous sparkle in my favourite colours!!

I am really enjoying using the travellers notebook style of planning at the moment so I was over the moon to receive my beautiful Glitterdori and the colour together with the sparkle is beautiful. I’m not a fan of ‘loose glitter’ so the fact that this glitter fabric does not shed is perfect for me as I love the appearance of glitter.

My Glitterdori is in passport size so is perfect for all of my crafty, blog and scrapbooking notes. I love how it has a lovely soft felt lining too.

In my surprise parcel I also received some gorgeous sparkly planner accessories which go so well with my Glitterdori that they are all now in use and sat on my desk next to my pc, in use daily.

If you are looking to expand your planner or planner accessory collection then I would highly recommend popping over to Charlie’s Magpie Etsy store and don’t forget that for all orders over £5.00 you can use my exclusive discount code “CMLAURA10” to save 10% on your order 🙂

You can find Charlie’s Magpie on:

Etsy store

Facebook Planner Group

Facebook Business Page

Happy planning everyone!!

xxx Love Laura xxx

P.S. As Brand Representative for Charlie’s Magpie I was sent the items discussed in this blog post for testing and review. No money exchanged hands for this review or products. This in no way gives a biased opinion and I aim to be 100% honest with all of my online reviews.

New Products Over At Charlie’s Magpie – January 2017

*** As Brand Representative for Charlie’s Magpie I was sent the items discussed in this blog post for testing and review. No money exchanged hands for this review or products. This in no way gives a biased opinion and I aim to be 100% honest with all of my online reviews ***

Charlies Magpie

The design team for Charlie’s Magpie recently received a selection of the stunning new planner clips to test, review and share with our followers.

All items which are currently available for purchase are listed on Charlie’s Magpie Etsy store.

I have decided t share two images of the new planner clips, one with the camera on “no flash” setting and the other “flash on” setting so that you can see the gorgeous array of colours in the glitter fabric which has been used to create these beautiful planner clips.



I have been using my new bow planner clips since Christmas and love the quality, texture and durability – my planner is thrown into my bag anytime we go out and Charlies Magpie’s planner clips stand up to the use wonderfully. Not only that they really are a bargain too – I would highly recommend popping over to the Etsy store where there are lots more colours in stock.

I love being able to share these brilliant quality items from Charlie’s Magpie’s with you and would ask you all to pop over to their shop on Etsy to have a browse and support a small UK business.

Charlie’s Magpie on Etsy

Charlie’s Magpie Planner Group on Facebook

Thank you for reading.

xxx Laura xxx

Using Dylusion Ink Sprays In Your Art and Mixed Media


Many of you who enjoy Mixed Media and Art Journaling will no doubt already know about Dyan Reaveley and her range of Dylusions Ink Sprays – these are a very popular medium for many artists and you can create many great effects using them.

One thing which is important to remember when using wet mediums such as Dylusions are which colours compliment each other and which colours will create ‘mud’ or a horrible brown colour when they mix… as Dylusion sprays are not permanent, (they are water based which give you a great opportunity for many wonderful effects) is that it is inevitable that your colours will mix when applied to your surface of choice whether that be paper, cardstock or canvas.

I have now been using Dylusions Ink Sprays for a few months since I began my Art Journaling and Mixed Media journey and throughout this time have been doing lots of research into techniques and colour combinations while following Dyan Reaveley’s incredibly helpful YouTube channel.

One thing in particular I have found very helpful that is suggested by Dyan is to split your ink sprays down into four categories – warm colours, neutral colours, cool colours and purple. These are separated as follows:

Warm Colours
Pure Sunshine
Squeezed Orange
Tangerine Dream
Bubblegum Pink
Funky Fuchsia
Cherry Pie
Postbox Red
Pomegranate Seed
Melted Chocolate
Ground Coffee

Cool Colours
Lemon Zest
Cut Grass
Fresh Lime
Dirty Martini
Chopped Pesto
Polished Jade
Vibrant Turquoise
Calypso Teal
London Blue
After Midnight

You will find that any colour combination within the ‘Warm Colours’ category will compliment each other, the same as any colour combination within the ‘Cool Colours’ category will compliment each other, however if you try to use a Warm and Cool colour together the colours which combine when you spray may end up looking muddy or unpleasant.

Neutral Colours
White Linen
Slate Grey
Black Marble

With regards to ‘Neutral Colours’, these colours are designed to compliment all other colours and generally will look great regardless of which colour you choose to use them alongside.

Crushed Grape

The one colour which often causes confusion with regards to complimentary colours is purple, in the case of the Dylusions colour range this is the ‘Crushed Grape’ which in itself is a beautiful colour however is one which you need to think about before adding to other colours otherwise you can again end up with a muddy looking page.

From my experience and also watching Dyan’s tutorials, information videos and other artists videos I find that the best colours to use alongside purple are the pink and blue tones – these compliment purple really well and can give great effects.


Of course, this list based on information from Dyan Reaveley and by no means does list information mean that you cannot use the opposite colours together… this is purely an advisory post based on the colours which have been found to compliment each other best, however it is all a matter of trial and error and you may find that by using opposite colours together you love the end effect.

Remember, in the world of art journaling, mixed media and crafts there is NO WRONG, it is all about personal choice and personal preference,,, have a play and see which colours you like to work with. Never let anyone tell you that your technique is wrong – we are all learning and developing throughout our journey!

I hope you have found this blog useful and if there is anyone you think this blog could help please feel free to share my blog with them.

Have a wonderful week and happy crafting!!

xxx Love Laura xxx

Happy Planner Weekly Layout – w/c 12.09.2016

This week in my MAMBI Happy Planner I have used a themed weekly layout kit which was finished with little highlights of washi tape.

The weekly layout kit I have used is the Galaxy/Out Of This World set by Cariad Planning, this set was originally sized for use in Personal-size planners, and as cab be seen here is now also available in Happy Planner size.

This is one of my favourite weekly layouts – I just love the colours and designs, the little quotes and all of the functional stickers… so pretty!!


The quality of these stickers is fantastic, as is the customer service – I would definitely recommend Cariad Planning for unique, pretty planner stickers and accessories 🙂

You can find Cariad Planning on Etsy.

Thank you for reading!!

xxx Love Laura xxx

Brand Representative – Charlie’s Magpie: First Review

*** As Brand Representative for Charlie’s Magpie I was sent the items discussed in this blog post for testing and review. No money exchanged hands for this review or products. This in no way gives a biased opinion and I aim to be 100% honest with all of my online reviews ***

Charlies Magpie

I was recently accepted to be a Brand Representative for Charlie’s Magpie who create and sell a range of planner clips and accessories… as some of you will know I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to ‘planner pretties’ so was thrilled to be accepted onto the team.

I received my first parcel from Charlie’s Magpie Etsy shop this morning and am absolutely delighted with it.


First of all was this black glitter bow planner clip which is made from fabric which is ingrained with fine glitter. My biggest concern about this was whether or not the glitter would come off on my fingers (I hate glitter on my skin), and although it did a tiny bit it wasn’t anything to worry about. The fabric of this bow is quite fine so perfect if you’re looking for a planner pretty which isn’t going to bulk things out too much.

Secondly is a pair of very pretty purple and lilac glitter bow planner clips, these are made using a fabric which is ingrained with thicker, chunkier glitter which give a far sturdier bow than the fine glitter version but is just as pretty and from what I can tell, the glitter does not come off of these. As purple is one of my favourite colours, I can see these being used lots 🙂

Last but by no means least is my favourite, this baby pink bow planner clip which is made from leatherette material and is so soft and delicate. The thickness of the fabric is somewhere between the fine glitter fabric and chunky glitter fabric but it makes such a lovely soft bow.

My baby pink bow planner clip is now at home on the pages of my walnut Websters Pages personal planner and goes perfectly with the pink lining of this planner:


These planner clips are very well made and the quality is fantastic, the material is very sturdy and I think it’s great that there is a variety in the thickness of fabrics for those times when you’re on the go and don’t want your planner to be too bulky.

I can’t wait to share more of Charlie’s Magpie’s products with you and would ask you all to pop over to their shop on Etsy to have a browse and support a small UK business 🙂

Charlie’s Magpie on Etsy

Charlie’s Magpie Planner Group on Facebook

Thank you for reading.

xxx Laura xxx

Little Rainbow Moon: September Mystery Kit

Anyone who has been following my blog for a while will know that I am a huge fan of the amazing work which is created by Little Rainbow Moon, so I’m sure it will come as no surprise when I tell you that I was quick to pre-order my September Mystery Kit as soon as they went on sale.

Well, it arrived this morning and I absolutely adore everything that’s in this months kit!! The September Mystery Kit has an “Out Of This World” theme. This month I decided to order the ‘journal’ kit, whereas I previous ordered for my travelers notebook.

All of the artwork in this kit is designed and created by the very lovely Jo and it is clear just how much attention to detail goes into each piece. As always there is a varied selection of goodies inside the monthly kit and I am sure it will all be used pretty soon 😉

First of all, is the postcard from Jo explaining about the monthly kit alongside two decorative papers and a quote card which I may use as a dashboard:


We have a wonderful selection of journaling stickers, word prompt stickers and washi strips:


Next up we have some gorgeous wide washi tape in a galaxy print, a matching galaxy theme fine line pen (which writes beautifully), a gorgeous tag and a beautiful planner clip exclusively from Cherry Blossom In The Market Square:


There is also a selection of gorgeous ephemera which contains a selection of stars, words and journal boxes:


And lastly, we have a set of beautiful journal cards all of which contain different quotes and a very pretty planner charm which is perfect as I managed to break the charm which was on my travelers notebook at the weekend so this one will be going straight on there!!


As always I was delighted with this order from Little Rainbow Moon and have already placed my order for the October Mystery Kit 🙂

You can find Little Rainbow Moon on Etsy.

Thank you for reading.

xxx Laura xxx

This Weeks Happy Planner Layout Before The Pen

This week in my MAMBI Happy Planner I have used a combination of a themed weekly layout and mood tracker/pain tracker stickers finished with little highlights of washi tape.

The weekly layout kit I have used is the Galaxy/Out Of This World set by Cariad Planning, this set was sized for use in Personal-size planners, however also works well in the Happy Planner.

As you will have noticed throughout my Happy Planner, I use the Pain Tracker and Mood Tracker stickers both from The Geeky Planner most weeks.


You can find Cariad Planning on Etsy.

Thank you for looking!!

xxx Laura xxx

Washi Wednesday – 24.08.2016

I have been looking for ways of carrying my washi along with my planner and other supplies when I’m on the go, mainly if we go away for a few days and I was recently sent some washi tape samples which had been wrapped around a gift card… and it gave me an idea!!

Why not use a business card holder for “washi tape on the go” – it makes perfect sense.

So I wandered off to Ebay and spent quite a while looking into the different options which are available, from small card holders which hold around six business/credit cards to A4 folders which hold thousands of cards.

Then I found this one for only £1.99 with free postage, it holds 120 business cards and arrived within a couple of days.

Granted the quality isn’t the best, but then it was very cheap and is more than adequate for what I need – I have now added so many washi tape samples that it is more than half full and is still very sturdy and secure.

Business Card Holder from Ebay

Next I began looking at different options for wrapping my washi tape samples around to store inside my new folder, when I came across these plain identity cards which were £3.99 for a pack of twenty five, again with free postage and they also arrived within a few days.

The blank identity cards are very good quality plastic, the advert states that they are made from 760 micron pvc so they are very sturdy and will be excellent for re-using when the washi tape sample is finished.

Blank ID cards from Ebay

I wasted no time in setting up my new “washi on the go” storage and am really happy with how it has all come together – I have averaged between three and five washi samples per card, depending on the width of the tape and have already used all of my blank identity cards and resorted to adding in some used gift cards 🙂

Here is how my new storage has all come together:


I finally feel like I’m getting my planning supplies organised for when I’m out and about, on holiday or away visiting family. I have enough washi tapes samples to cover every eventuality in my business card folder.

My pens, planner stencil, portable Filofax punch, etc are in my Websters Pages Color Crush CraftMate Folio, then I have three A5 plastic folders where I store stickers which I may want to use while I’m out of the office. Alongside a small mint tin which holds individual stickers and those which I’m running low on.


I have a handbag insert which I use for keeping my every day, on the go planner supplies in and they all fit perfectly so it’s easy to just ‘grab and run’…




I hope that this post gives you some ideas for on the go planner supply storage 🙂

xxx Love Laura xxx

Cariad Planning Product Review: Revised Galaxy Out Of This World Layout

*** As Brand Representative for Cariad Craftz I was sent the items discussed in this blog post for testing and review. No money exchanged hands for this review or products. This in no way gives a biased opinion and I aim to be 100% honest with all of my online reviews ***

Cariad Planning

You may remember that I recently posted my First Product Review of Cariad Craftz Galaxy/Out Of This World weekly planner layout and as much as I loved the overall design there were a few points I raised to be addressed to improve this weekly layout kit.

As a member of the Cariad Planning design team, I was informed that Sian-Claire was working on a new revised version of this layout specifically for the MAMBI Happy Planner and I received a copy of the revised layout yesterday for a second review to share with you all.


As soon as I saw the revised Galaxy/Out Of This World weekly layout sticker set, I knew they were a million times better than the previous set. The revised set has been sized specifically for the MAMBI Happy Planner and has a selection of checklist boxes, full size decorative boxes, half boxes, headers, washi tape strips, icons and quotes.

Here is my revised weekly layout in my Happy Planner and as you can see it is a far better design, the boxes are far more functional and the headers are perfect for what I use as I’m sure they are for lots of other planner addicts.

Here is my second edition Galaxy/Out Of This World layout by Cariad Planning:


I love everything about this kit and can’t wait to try more of Cariad Planning’s Happy Planner weekly kits – the sticker quality is fab, the colours are gorgeous and Sian-Claire always listens to (and takes notice of) any feedback she receives.

The second edition planner layouts will be added to their Etsy shop soon 😀

xxx Love Laura xxx