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Scrapbooking Fail – 12×12 Layout

Have you ever spent all day working on a 12×12 scrapbook layout, really happy with how it was all coming together, happy with the end result, then only to realise when you looked at it a couple of hours later that you’d made a really silly scrapbook fail?

This layout was my first completed scrapbook fail… I was so happy with how it all came together, happy with the colours and patterned papers, loved the overall look. Then a couple of hours later I turned my chair around to look at it on the shelf behind me and *boom* my mistake jumped right out at me.

Since I got back into scrapbooking I have been trying to go back to my baby and childhood years to scrap all of my precious personal and family memories so when I found this photograph of me as a little toddler with my huge teddy I knew that I wanted to scrap it. I loved this teddy when I was little, although I have no idea what happened to it.

Bearing in mind that this photograph is from the early 1980’s I did not want to use bright, vibrant, modern design in this layout so I spent ages going through my huge stash of patterned papers selecting the ones which I thought would work best… the ones that I really like.

I decided that I was going to do this layout in a grid formation, so took my nine pattern papers and cut them into 2.75inch squares, selected the order I wanted them to show in and adhered them to my sheet of 12x12inch white cardstock using my ATG… all was going well and I really liked how it was looking.

Next I trimmed my photograph to size and mounted it on fun foam before adhering it to the centre square in the grid, then chose my embellishments and title and glued everything in place.

I really loved how this layout had came together and how the patterned papers worked with each other. I was happy with this layout.

I was finished. So I put my completed layout on the shelf behind me and set about doing some more crafting and work. All was fine.

But then a couple of hours later I returned to my layout to take photographs to share with you all and that’s when it hit me…


Have you noticed where I have gone wrong?

Somehow between adhering my patterned papers in grid formation and then starting to glue down my photograph, title and embellishments I had managed to turn my page ninety degrees without realising 😦

That wouldn’t be such a big problem had it not been for the fact that two of the pattern papers have heart designs on them, so I now have sideways hearts in two places.

The next question is… what am I going to do about this epic fail? I did think about trying to take the photograph back off and starting again as I really was gutted, but then I thought about it and laughed as I have always been really accident prone!

I was just a little one in this photo, probably more accident prone and inaccurate than ever so I decided that having a ‘wrong’ layout about me is probably quite fitting so it has gone in my album as it is and I have to say that each time I see it, it really makes me smile.

So my advice to you would be that the next time you have a scrapbooking fail, don’t make any hasty decisions, stop and think whether it really is as bad as you first thought or whether you can make that mistake a feature of the layout… once I thought about it, I realised that it isn’t all that bad and as a child my crafting never was perfect so this is probably a pretty good representation of that.

Take advantage of your mistakes, make them a ‘thing’ in your layout or just cover them up. There is always a way of making your errors work for you 🙂

What has been your biggest scrapbooking fail? What did you do about it? I would love to hear about it and how you dealt with it.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be sharing more of my work soon.

xxx Love Laura xxx

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12×12 Scrapbook Layout – Who’s Alex?

Recently I had a lovely weekend with my partner, my Dad and my partner’s Mum… we went to Newcastle Upon Tyne for a lovely event – the 2017 Hugs For Noah Gala Dinner which was held at St James’ Park.

We left home to drive north on Saturday morning and decided to stop at Tibshelf Services on the M1 motorway for the statutory toilet break. On our way back to the car I noticed someone at the side of the car so turned to my partner and said “That’s Alex Brooker”, he was adamant that it wasn’t but said that if I was right he would ask for a photograph with him.

And guess who was indeed correct? Yep, it was Alex Brooker (best known for Channel 4’s show ‘The Last Leg‘) along with his wife and baby daughter. We had a lovely chat with Alex, he’s such a lovely and genuine guy, he seemed really happy to talk to us and so of course I asked if I could take a photo of him with Dan – he was so friendly and it really made Dan’s day!!

As soon as I saw the photographs on my phone, I knew that I needed to scrapbook this moment!!

I decided to keep this layout relatively simple while using papers from the 6×6 paper pad and ephemera in the Shimelle Starshine line, some coloured cardstock from my stash and a library pocket card for my journalling.

I was very impressed with how effective the papers from this range work together so well to create such an impact on a layout that I didn’t need to add many embellishments so means I will be able to ‘stretch the collection’ to make my stash last longer.

I am really pleased with how this layout came together and I hope that you like it too.

Happy Scrapbooking everyone!!

xxx Love Laura xxx

Shine Together – 12x12inch Scrapbook Layout

As soon as I saw the Starshine scrapbooking range from Shimelle I knew that I needed to have it as I fell in love with the colours and paper patterns as they are just so stunning.


I decided to be well behaved and stay within my crafty budget and only ordered the 6×6 paper pad, 6×12 accent and phrase stickers, chipboard stickers and the ephemera pack… I was particularly excited to use the constellation paper design but I didn’t want it to be covered up.

This week I watched a YouTube video by Zoe Guest, titled “Stretch That Collection #3” which focuses on using the supplies that you have and using them to maximum advantage – this video was working with 6×6 inch papers. I absolutely loved this layout and decided to scraplift this scrapbook page design (thank you Zoe!!

I went through the 6×6 paper pad and chose four of my favourite paper designs, trimmed them down to 5.75inch square and cut in half diagonally, before arranging on a sheet of 12x12inch white cardstock and adhering using double sided tape.


I decided to use two photos of my partner and myself relaxing, watching television on this layout and the title “Shine Together”… I also used paper from this collection to mat and layer my photographs.

After adding ephemera pieces, chipboard stickers and elements from the phrase and accent sticker pack, I decided to incorporate the ‘shine’ ephemera piece in my title and added the word together using gold glitter Thickers.

Finally I completed my layout using enamel dots and wood veneer hearts.

Here is my completed scrapbook layout and I would love to hear your thoughts on how this page has come together, I would also like to thank Zoe for sharing this gorgeous layout idea.


Don’t forget that in the UK there is a brand new scrapbooking group which launched on 1st March 2017, so why not pop over to the UK Scrap Addicts website and join in this wonderful new community, don’t forget to use the hashtag #UKScrapAddicts when you share your layouts on social media.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

xxx Love Laura xxx

It Has Been A Scrapperific Week!!

Since I got back into a much loved hobby of scrapbooking in October 2016, I have been going through boxes and boxes of family photos and pulling out the ones which I’d like to document.

There are so many incredible papercrafters on YouTube, many of the ones I watch share a passion for scrapbooking and mixed media so I can lose hours watching their videos.

When Zoe Guest announced that she was going to be doing a Live Scrap Stream on YouTube I was adamant that I would be logging on and scrapping along… Zoe’s live scrap stream happened on Friday 3rd February 2017 and I was organised with scrapbooking supplies, photographs and energy drinks to craft along.

I had a really productive weekend and between Friday evening and Sunday I completed EIGHT twelve by twelve scrapbook layouts, which are here:









I’d love to hear your thoughts on how these layouts have come together – I can’t wait to work on documenting more of our family memories.

xxx Love Laura xxx